Watch All Local & In-Market NFL Games Live on Mobile

With the NFL app or the Yahoo Sports app, fans can watch every in-market NFL game for free on your mobile device. This includes not just local Fox, CBS, and NBC games, but Monday Night and Thursday Night Football.

How to Watch

Viewing your local in-market NFL games on mobile is pretty simple. First, download and install either the official NFL app, Yahoo Sports app, or Yahoo Fantasy app. To watch, simply open the app and you should see your viewing options at game time.

Do you want to know what games are available ahead of time? Here’s how to find out which NFL Games will be broadcast in your area each week on Fox and CBS.

Game options on NFL mobile
Both Fox and CBS games in your area should be available during the Sunday afternoon windows. This image shows the NFL app.

At times, I’ve seen the game options vary from what is available on my local television stations. On the particular Sunday, my mobile options included Washington vs. New Orleans, but Tampa Bay vs. Miami was being broadcast on my local CBS affiliate. This difference is likely due to where my internet is connecting. (I am in an area with numerous team areas in close proximity)

You may notice in the image above that NFL RedZone shows up as an option during Sunday afternoon games. You can watch NFL RedZone on mobile not for free, but with a yearly subscription for $34.99. This is only for mobile and isn’t available on other devices.

You won’t be able to cast the game to your tv, but you can at least watch in landscape mode.

Carolina Panthers line up to run a play against the Philadelphia Eagles

For Sunday night games, there is just the one option, so it’s available to everyone nationwide.

If you enjoy the pre-game show, you can also watch those on mobile as well. They’ll show up as options on the home screen of the app at air time.

Monday Night Football

ESPN’s Monday Night Football is available on virtually all streaming and cable platforms, but unfortunately it’s an NFL game that can’t be viewed nationwide over-the-air. So, watching MNF on mobile is a great way for many to watch without any additional out-of-pocket costs.

Colts and Ravens on MNF

Thursday Night Football

The one caveat here is the NFL Network only games which require you to watch via cellular or by having a TV subscription. If you have an unlimited data plan, you’re fine, but if not, you’ll want to think twice. All of the Thursday Night games that are broadcast of Fox are available even on Wifi.


For some, watching NFL games on a mobile device just won’t cut it. However, for those that don’t mind the small screen, or are on the go and can’t watch on larger screens, this is a nice and essentially free viewing option.

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