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Listen to Every NFL Game Live and On-Demand Online with NFL Game Pass

Are you looking for a way to listen to live NFL games audio feeds online? You can listen to home and away radio calls off every NFL Game live and on-demand with a subscription to NFL Game Pass.

Football fans may be familiar with NFL Game Pass for it’s on-demand video of every NFL Game. Live and on-demand audio of every NFL game is another great feature of NFL Game Pass.

Listening in the Browser

Audio feeds are available in both the computer browser and through the NFL mobile app. While game are live, you’ll see an active “Listen Live” button.

After selecting “Listen Live” you’ll have the option to select from the available audio feeds.

The audio options will depend on the game, but you’ll get at least the home and away team radio broadcast crews and should get at least one Spanish language option (Home or Away). National broadcasts such as Sunday Night Football will likely have additional radio broadcast options.

Listening on Mobile

you’ll need to log in with your credentials to enable NFL Game Pass on your mobile device.

Once you are authenticated, you’ll be able to listen to live game audio.

It doesn’t seem to support background play so if you turn off your screen or open another app, the audio will stop.

Syncing w/ Live TV

If you are like me, you enjoy listening to your favorite team’s broadcast crew while watching a game. The problem is syncing the audio feed with the action on the TV. You typically need DVR style controls to sync up the audio and video.

The browser version of NFL Game Pass allows you to pause and play so if the audio feed is ahead of the TV broadcast you are able to pause the audio feed to let the TV broadcast catch up. For more control, check out the NFL Game Pass keyboard shortcuts.

It may take a little playing around with the time shifting on the audio or the video, but you should be able to get a decent sync with the browser version.

The mobile version of the app is a little tougher. It doesn’t have a pause feature. It’s just play and stop. If the audio feed is ahead of video, you likely won’t be able to sync the feeds.

Commercial Breaks

Some of the games and feeds play the radio commercial while other game feeds fill the breaks with NFL Films classic music. The feeds with music have a periodic voice-over telling you there is a break in the action and the game will resume momentarily. At first, it’s seems pretty cool to not have to listen the commercials, but the repetitive music and same voice telling you there is a break in the action gets really old before too long.

The on-demand audio also has the same breaks during commercials. Unlike the video version of the games where they remove the breaks, the audio version leaves them in. You can, however, fast forward past the commercial breaks.


The Live and On-demand audio is a nice additional feature of NFL Game Pass. Fans of out of market teams and fans who enjoy syncing their favorite radio call with the live TV will likely find value it valuable.

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