Thursday Night Football

How to Watch NFL Thursday Night Football Online for Free on Twitch

Fans have a variety of options for watching NFL Thursday Night Football in 2020. There is a new streaming option that won’t cost you a dime. is live streaming service and an Amazon subsidiary that offers a variety of free live streaming options for NFL Thursday Night Football.

Prime Video Channel

The Prime Video twitch channel at streams the regular TV feed that you see on Fox and NFL Network.

The Scout’s Feed

The Move the Sticks crew of Bucky Brooks and Daniel Jeramiah along with host Joy Taylor host the Scout’s Feed on This is the same as the Scout’s Feed on Amazon Prime Video.

As I wrote in my full review of NFL Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime, the audio commentary for this “Scout’s Feed” is is a little more along the lines of a conversations about the game. Taylor will occasionally pepper in some play by play, but it’s primarily Jeremiah and Brooks talking about what they are seeing in the game.

NFL on Twitch
Joy Taylor, Daniel Jeremiah, and Bucky Brooks appear at the bottom of the screen while calling a game between Kansas City and Buffalo.

You can get a good idea of what you’ll see and hear during the game from this video clip tweeted out by Daniel Jeremiah.

Twitch Sports Channel

Yet another Twitch option is on the Twitch Sports channel. This channel features Cari Champion and Andrew Hawkins on the call. It’s a little closer to the Move the Sticks stream in that it is more of a discussion about the game than a play by play call.


If don’t have a pay TV service, an antenna that receives Fox over the air, or Amazon can fill the void of NFL Thursday Night Football. Even if you can otherwise view Thursday Night Football, offers you a variety of alternative viewing options.

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